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Breaking News: Late-night comedy shows make fun of Pres. Obama

February 12, 2009 |  1:24 am

Of course, one night does not a trend make.

But -- Jumpin' Jon Stewart, Batboy -- was that seven minutes of jokes about Barack Obama on late-night TV? The Barack Obama. The One who's president right now? President Obama jokes on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"?

Jokes about Obama's speaking style. Jokes about Obama's mannerisms. Jokes about his answers. Jokes about his tedious but very thoughtful-looking pauses, despite the TelePrompter feeding him lines. And about the media's predetermined adoration/critical complex (think Bill "The Guy Just Bores Me" O'Reilly and Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews"). See the video for yourself down below.

And not one joke about the old guy from Arizona? Or the Alaskan gun-runner? Or about George W. Bush, who's been the late-night joke-butt staple for most of a decade now? And still is, on most of these shows, even though he's way back in Texas attending girls basketball games at Baylor and still not watching.

Well, actually that's not totally true. Jon did show GWB one time in this routine (video below). But only to mock those stilted town hall meetings the Texan used to change the public discussion topics that Democrat Obama is now taking up because things have gotten a little messy back in D.C. and he's tired of talking about somebody else's taxes. Thank God for Lincoln's birthday.

But, wait, there's more late-night breaking comedy news! Last night Jay Leno actually made an Obama joke too. No, really.

He was talking about ex-Washington Mayor Marion Barry possibly going to jail for not paying taxes in eight of the last nine years. So, Jay said, "it's either jail or a Cabinet position in the Obama administration." Hey-oh!

--Andrew Malcolm

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