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James Dobson goes with Arizona today, especially Kurt Warner

February 1, 2009 | 12:12 am

As long as President Barack Obama has weighed in to endorse the puttsberg steelers to win the Super Bowl today, Dr. James Dobson has come down on the side of the Arizona Cardinals, especially quarterback Kurt Warner.

The conservative Christian founder of Focus on the Family and influential evanArizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, his wife Brenda and Dr. James Dobson of focus on the Familygelical broadcaster says this year's NFL championship is even more interesting to him because of Warner's leadership as a strong Christian athlete.

Dobson, whose daily radio broadcasts are heard by millions, is an avid football fan, especially for USC and the NFL. He's been tracking the outspoken religious professions of some prominent collegiate athletes.

And Dobson, who endorsed Mike Huckabee in  the Republican primaries and then grudgingly John McCain in the general election, also knows this is the 37-year-old Warner's third trip to the Super Bowl, where he's 1-1 so far, including one MVP Award. The oddsmakers don't think Warner has much chance of improving that record this time.

On Friday in preparation for the Super Bowl, Dobson re-broadcast an interview with Warner and his wife of 11 years, Brenda, and how she, not being a sports enthusiast at all, came to meet Warner in an Iowa grocery store as he pursued his pro career in arena football. And how she led the star to his Christian faith.

It's not a sports story, but it is revealing background if you're gonna watch today's game in between the commercials because you sure won't hear it on TV. Unless Warner wins and again says, "Thank you, Jesus" on global TV.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Focus on the Family (NFL athlete Kurt Warner, wife, Brenda and Dr. James Dobson