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Latest Condi Rice job rumor: PAC-10 commissioner? Uh, no

February 10, 2009 |  7:14 am

Another Condi Rice workout

Here's something refreshing:

For the last year or so, Condoleezza Rice has been mentioned for numerous high-profile jobs. As President George W. Bush's second consecutive African American secretary of State, the Alabama native and longtime California resident was mentioned as:

A Senate candidate from California.

A California gubernatorial candidate.

John McCain's vice presidential running mate.

Commissioner of the National Football League.

And, now, commissioner of the PAC-10 to replace Tom Hansen, who retires July 1 after 26 years in the job?

It could make sense. Rice is a passionate sports fan and fitness buff and was actively involved in collegiate athletics as the provost at Stanford before becoming Bush's foreign policy advisor in 1999.

She's said publicly that NFL commissioner would be the ideal job. She's also said she intends to return to teaching at Stanford and write about her parents and thoughts on education reform. And, you think President Obama is a fitness addict, Rice's staff at the State Department knew very well to plan workout time into her impossible schedules every day, even overseas.

Now comes word from a Rice staffer that, while honored with the flurry of attention over published mentions of the possible new athletic job, she indeed intends to return to teaching and writing in Palo Alto.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Credit: Fitness magazine.