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Ticket Replay: Obama writer Favreau gropes Hillary Clinton likeness

January 4, 2009 |  8:44 am

President-elect Barack Obama's chief speechwriter Jon Favreau gropes a cardboard cutout of New York Senator Hillary Clinton as published in the Washington Post blog 44

This weekend The Ticket is republishing some items from the past political season. This one originally appeared here on Dec. 5, 2008 and aroused considerable reader comment of the "boys will be boys" and "disgusting!" varieties:

Hi and welcome to the Windy City's Team Obama.

It might have seemed funny during the party. But a photo has surfaced in recent hours of President-elect Barack Obama's newly-designated chief speechwriter, Jon Favreau, groping a cardboard cutout of the administration's newly-designated secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

That's Favreau on the left in the above photo (the fellow in the Obama staff T-shirt pouring beer in the pretend politician's mouth is unidentified). The photo was first published on the Washington Post's 44 blog.

The shot of the 27-year-old writer with his hand on the 60-year-old cardboard senator's breast reportedly appeared for about two hours on a Facebook page Thursday afternoon before disappearing, along with numerous other Favreau pictures, including one of him dancing with the cardboard female secretary-designate.

An Obama spokesman says Favreau has apologized to the former first lady, who gave Obama a run for his massive piles of money during the Democratic primaries.

The transition official said Favreau has "reached out to Sen. Clinton to offer an apology," an unfortunate choice of words under the photographic circumstances, as the Swamp's Frank James points out in his item.

The embarrassing photo comes at the same time as Obama had re-issued an appeal to his supporters to make minimum $100 donations to Clinton's deceased campaign to help retire some $7 million of remaining debts, now that Clinton is on Obama's political team as its chief foreign affairs representative.

Wouldn't you like to be at that first White House Obama Cabinet meeting come January? One suspects Favreau might be too busy writing elsewhere to attend.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Facebook via Washington Post 44 blog