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Joe Biden takes the partisan party route for his Super Bowl

January 31, 2009 |  6:50 pm

Helmet logo of the Arizona Cardinals NFL team, the Super Bowl underdog good guys

President Obama went the bi-bipartisan route for his Super Bowl party -- both Democrats and Republicans and fans of the Arizona Cardinals and the other team.

However, Obama's vice president, Joe Biden, opted for the strictly partisan route for his electeOld fashioned helmet of the other Super Bowl team 2-1-09 Boo hissd guests -- Dems only invited to the vice presidential residence at the Naval Observatory Sunday afternoon.

Here's the list as released today by the White House and edited by The Ticket:

Sens. Tom "Look, I'm the Senior Senator Now" Carper of Delaware, Kent "I'm Not That Funny" Conrad of North Dakota, John "Daschle's Tax Mistakes Were Also Accidental" Kerry of Massachusetts, Bill "Sunshine" Nelson of Florida and Chuck "Where's the Microphone?" Schumer of New York.

Plus Biden's also having over some little people -- Reps. Robert "I'm Not Ed Rendell" Brady of Pennsylvania, Jim "Clinton's Still Not Talking to Me" Clyburn of South Carolina, Steny "I'm With Nancy" Hoyer of Maryland and John "How'd I Get in Here?" Larson of Connecticut. Oh, also Montana's Sen. Max "Gimme the Credit" Baucus.

Seems like a snackin'-good crowd of real funmeisters.

--Andrew Malcolm

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