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Speaking of farewells, Hillary Clinton gives hers to the Senate

January 16, 2009 |  2:44 am

A fair bunch of farewells going on in the nation's Capitol these days, from President George W. Bush, who had a live audience in a break with tradition, on down.

After eight years, former First Lady, now former Senator and about-to-be current secretary of State Hillary Clinton bid her farewell to the Senate in a speech we have on video here below.

Of course, she thanks her staff and the voters and especially her  New York Senate colleague, Chuck Schumer, saying that whenever she gets lonely for her fellow Democrat, she knows she can turn on the TV and find him somewhere there for sure. (Laughter.)

Now, come the inauguration by Tuesday noon, assuming her certain confirmation by the very same Senate, Clinton takes on the can-of-worms responsibility for American foreign policy at the State Department, working for President-elect Barack Obama. "I look back wistfully and look forward hopefully," she said.

All of which means ... watch the office of New York Gov. David Paterson to find out the New Yorker he picks to fill the vacant Clinton seat -- likely, Caroline Kennedy or Andrew Cuomo. But, of course, he could pick a prestigious dark horse and duck the hard choice.

Closing, she added, "I may not have always been a New Yorker, but I know I always will be one." The rest of her remarks are on the video below.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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