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Sarah-less 'Saturday Night Live' returns to Hillary and Bill Clinton

December 7, 2008 |  4:24 pm

"Saturday Night Live" doesn't have the woman from Alaska to kick around anymore.

So it aims for the next best thing: the woman from Chappaqua, the about-to-be-former-junior-senator from New York and the about-to-be-secretary-of-State, Hillary Clinton. (See video below.)

This weekend, "Hillary" revels in her new job, which means she'll be globe-trotting in government jets instead of addressing the heavy economic lifting back home like what's-his-name-elect from Illinois, who beat her out for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. (And which the nation's comedy writers still seem incapable of or adverse to making fun of.)

And Hillary's ever-loving hubby also shows up to point out the country may have voted for change, but what it got was the Clintons again.  As "Hillary" notes, like the South and vampires, they rise again.

But, you betcha, "SNL" still manages to somehow drag in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, having enjoyed its best ratings in 14 years when she was around, even despite Alec Baldwin.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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