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Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer says no to Cabinet job Obama hasn't offered

December 8, 2008 |  6:48 am

Like most everybody else, you've probably not been wondering which Cabinet post Brian Schweitzer is gonna get in the evolving Barack Obama administration.

Back in September, Schweitzer, who is the Democratic governor of Montana, announced he wouldn't accept a Cabinet posMontana Governor Brian Schweitzer who says he won't accept a Cabinet post in a Barack Obama administration that hasn't offered him onet in a Democratic administration in Washington.

That seemed slightly strange.

Because no one thought he had been asked to join a new Democratic president, the election to pick the president not being scheduled until Nov. 4.

But, hey, that's Brian, he of the rotund body and bolo tie, who got the crowd so riled up with his partisan quips at the Democratic National Convention last August in Denver.

Played so well back home that Big Sky Country went for Republican Sen. John McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, 50-47.

Now that we're a month past that Nov. 4 election and the Democrat who won the White House still hasn't called on Schweitzer to join his administration, the Billings Gazette reports Schweitzer has reaffirmed he won't accept the Cabinet post he still hasn't been offered.

"I like being outside too much to be Interior secretary," Schweitzer said. Schweitzer, by the way, has also not been offered the Cabinet post at Defense, State, the Justice and Commerce Departments and Homeland Security. And White House chief of staff seems out of the question as well.

An unscientific, bipartisan sampling of Montanans reached by telephone confirms that they too have no intention of accepting any Obama Cabinet post that isn't offered.

But unlike the governor, they declined to make announcements to that effect. We'll keep you posted though, if B.S. or B.O. changes their minds.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Office of the Governor