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Hi! Billy Mays here for Amazing Barack Obama schlock

December 11, 2008 |  7:22 am

We had the greatest plans to do an item this morning on all the useless Barack Obama doodads now clogging the veins of political commerce -- on the Democratic side of the store aisle anyway.

We were gonna use the face of super-salesman Billy Mays, who can sell anything and holds the world record for simultaneously being equally enthusiastic on the most TV channels when hardly anyone's watching.

This commercialization of the presidency is only going to get worse before Jan. 20. By then, there may be just as many political button hawkers as tourists on the streets of our nation's capital.

An actual collectible Barack Obama Victory Plate that he never used

And if you're one of the lucky 10 million on B.O.'s personal e-mail list, you'll no doubt be getting more offers from him and his fundraising cronies.

But then, before writing, as you too should do several times a day, we checked the Technology blog and that Son Of a Blogger David Sarno had already written his version.

They've even got a four-year (4!!) Obama calendar, so you can stA 4 count em FOUR year Barack Obama calendarart counting down the days until the next Iowa caucus.

Sarno's saga is much better than anything we could produce. So we're just going to steer you over there for his contest on "Obama detritus."

Be careful with your answers though. He may have planted a trick in there. He's that type.

--Andrew Malcolm

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