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Iraq war opponent Obama set to tap two war backers for Cabinet

December 1, 2008 |  3:24 am

One of the worst-kept political secrets in modern times won't even be that anymore.

Shortly now, President-elect Barack Obama, the candidate who relentlessly criticized Sen. Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries for voting to authorize the war in Iraq and who said the U.S. troop surge in Iraq was doomed to failure, is expected to announce that Clinton and the man who so successfully implemented that surge for President George W. Bush, Robert Gates, will join his new Cabinet.

That stunning rhetorical pas de trois will be fascinating to watch. Chances are slim that the words "flip-flop" will be uttered onstage.

We have two excellent videos this morning -- one on the expected announcements of Obama's national security team in Chicago and the second a refresher video, courtesy of the GOP, on what Democrats, primarily Clinton, had to say about her new boss not too long ago.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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