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Cell time 4 Det mayor COS in txt msg sex plot scandal

December 1, 2008 |  3:04 pm

D-troit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick alrdy jaild 4 4 mths. Barack pal. Now, COS Christine Beatty goes 2 4 4. C u later. All 4 cellfone scandal, perjury, obstruct justice.

Any 1 still think txt msgs priv8?

Det Free Press pubbed their lovey/plotting txts, provd perjury in cop case, their affair. He married. Not 2 her. She cries, apologizes 2 all but cops. Big urban mess. It's Detroit. What else new?

Vid here.

--Andrew Malcolm

What u wearing now? Alas, no sex talk on Ticket cell alerts. Reg. here. Platonic RSS feeds avail 2 here. Kindle subs 2 via Amazon. Luv ya.