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First, by golly, Sarah Palin; now, you know, Caroline Kennedy

December 29, 2008 | 12:28 am

Just listen.

It's only fair since so many of us had so much fun with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's informal speech during her first five minutes of fame, that we also get some yuks from Princess Caroline Kennedy's, you know, reliance on "you know."

It seems, dontcha know, that New Yorkers are gonna hear this a lot in coming days, at least until Gov. David Paterson decides who's getting Hillary Clinton's about-to-be vacant Senate seat as she steps up to secretary of State in Barack Obama's new Cabinet after the inauguration.

You know you don't need to keep count in this hilarious video. A little buzzer does it for you.

(UPDATE: Here's a must-read update: "Caroline Kennedy is Sarah Palin Lite."

You betcha you'll enjoy it, you know.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Hat Tip to Glenn Reynolds via Howard Mortman.