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Sarah Palin's proud dad gets into the partisan thing at Reno rally

November 3, 2008 | 11:10 pm

The crowd gathered at the Reno Sparks Livestock Events Center to see and hear Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tonight got a little extra for their free tickets.

The parents of the Alaska governor -- Chuck and Sally Heath -- were there, as were Todd Palin's parents -- Faye and Jim Palin.

Chuck Heath father of Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin

It was all part of a nonstop day for Palin that began in Cleveland, moved on to Missouri and Iowa, before Colorado Springs and then two stops in Nevada and a long, long flight back home to Anchorage for the Palins to vote Tuesday.

And then a long flight back down to Arizona Tuesday to rejoin the McCains for election night, as The Times' Seema Mehta reported in The Ticket earlier this evening.

Palin gave her shortened stump speech version, as she had all day in the pell-mell last day rush across the country. But first her proud papa stepped to the mircophone.

Heath was Sarah's coach in high school track and the general outdoors life in Alaska. He's said he's not been paying close attention to the news, as many family members of those in public life do to save themselves from the published derision of their loved one. So he probably hasn't seen the polls.

But anyway, according to Mehta, he told the partisan crowd of thousands, "I'm just so proud to be Sarah's father." He reminded the crowd of his family's rural roots.

Then, he added, "Years ago I taught Sarah how to field dress a moose. But tomorrow, tomorrow, I want you to see her field dress a donkey."

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: KTUU-TV