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Shocking new video! Rahm Emanuel as you've never seen him

November 20, 2008 |  8:32 pm

Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel has a reputation to live up to or down, depending on your politics.

The White House chief of staff-designate for the newly-elected president Barack Obama is known respectfully as, well, a gut-fighter, even for the Chicago school of politics that produced him and his new boss, among others.

To see an entertaining video of a roast of Emanuel three years ago, when Obama spoke unsparingly about his fellow Democrat, click on the "Read more" line below.

In recent days, some shocked Congressional Republicans report, Emanuel has been phoning around all friendly-like to say that those days of brass-knuckles partisanship that helped produce the current Democratic majority in 2006 (and this year's enhanced majorities) were Emanuel at work.

No shock there.

But now, Emanuel claims, he labors for Obama, who wants to work with both sides of the aisle because the country's problems are too large.

Now, watch this shocking video as Emanuel cuts short a media interview to avoid being discourteously late for an appointment with Republicans! (Then, click the "Read more" line for some more laughter.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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