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Same-sex marriage ban: There's still 2.7 million ballots to count

November 8, 2008 |  7:15 pm

Holy smokes, here it is nearly five days after Tuesday's California voting on Prop. 8 to ban same-sex marriage and there are still three times as many ballots uncounted as there are people in the entire state of Montana.

Not that Montana is voting on California's Prop. 8. But Big Sky Country is the next largest state in size. And it has a lot of people of the same sex.

Anyway, if there are that many outstanding ballots on the controversial same-sex marriage ban, might they change the successful outcome that's causing people of both sexes to protest so vehemently around town and elsewhere?

The Times' David Lauter, who loves to play with numbers, was not watching the USC game anyway and is a whole lot better than most journalists with figures, has been looking into his whole issue.

And he has the full story now over on the L.A. Now blog right here.

--Andrew Malcolm

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