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One California family splits on the Obama-McCain race, and lets the world know

November 1, 2008 |  8:14 am

Creative political yard for Barack Obama-Joe Biden and John McCain-Sarah Palin in Yorba Linda Calif Top of the Ticket blogCalifornia's Orange County may not be quite the Republican bastion it once was, but the part of it where Nancy Wagner lives sure is.

She knows. Wagner, 57, is a registered Democrat and a solid supporter of Barack Obama. As best she can tell, that pretty much makes her the exception in her Yorba Linda neighborhood.

Indeed, even Wagner's household is divided on the subject. Her husband, Jon Wagner, 59, is a registered Republican and a John McCain backer. (The secret to the success of their 33-year marriage? "We respect our differences," Nancy says.)

Not so long ago, when Nancy decided she wanted to express her political preference through a yard sign, she knew she couldn't misrepresent to the public her husband's view. But she also realized she had a hole card to play.

She tells The Ticket: "My proudest achievement as a mother is that I've raised three Democratic daughters."

She's joking. Her proudest achievement, she quickly adds, is that the three -- ages 30, 28 and 22 -- are accomplished young women.

But the fact remains -- each plans to join her in voting for Obama (two now live in San Diego, the other in New York).

So while making sure her husband got to express himself through a sign, Nancy came up with a novel way (see above) to make clear that at least within the Wagner family, there's a clear winner in the presidential race.

The reaction of her neighbors? "They appreciate that I just didn't put out an Obama sign," she said.

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: Ashley Wagner