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How much was your vote worth? Obama often outbid McCain

November 19, 2008 |  1:44 am

Bet you didn't know how much your vote cost to get.

Here's the kind of stuff real politics fans revel in: Which candidate spent the most TV advertising money per vote recI'll see you and raise you $2, presidential candidates Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain spent much differently to gain each vote, often Obama outbid McCaineived?

And where was that?

It may not surprise you that the winner spent the most to buy votes. Barack Obama spent $14.85 per vote received in Nevada.

The John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket spent $13.95 there.

Obama spent $7.23 per vote in Missouri, but still lost to McCain, who shelled out "only" $5.19. Obama spent $12.15 to win each vote in Virginia while the Republican spent $4.35.

How about Florida? McCain = $2.11. Obama = $8.86. New Mexico: Obama = $7.23. McCain = $9.25. Montana: Obama = $6.09. McCain = $0.

Ohio: Obama = $7.90. McCain = $5.80. Pennsylvania: Obama = $9.08. McCain = $8.51.

For some other states, the National Journal compiled the TV ad costs per vote here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Associated Press