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So, Letterman like Palin blows Katie Couric interview too

November 24, 2008 |  6:20 pm

A little -- and we do mean little -- postscript to our Ticket item last week about David Letterman's interview of Katie Couric. (You can read the previous item here.)

Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin talks to little girls about having big ambitions and dreams as women

Turns out old Dave got so focused on making fun of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin that he forgot to ask Couric about how Republican presidential candidate John McCain happened to be on Katie's news show, choosing to stand up Letterman's guest invite at the last minute earlier in the fall.

Seems, according to Couric's version (see video below), that McCain called Couric's cellphone while in New York and basically offered himself as a news interview subject on the economic troubles and neglected to mention his previous commitment to Dave's late-night entertainment show, also on CBS.

Dave, you no doubt remember, got very angry -- he calls it "steamed and more steamed" -- and, frankly, still seems to hold a grudge against the Republican and Palin. But it gets laughs and they can't respond, so what the heck.

Anyway, so Dave called Couric up and got this explanation and here it is in case you were watching Jay Leno over on NBC.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Associated Press