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You'll never guess what alias Sarah Palin used at her N.Y. hotel

October 21, 2008 |  1:10 am

Well, maybe you might.

It's common practice for celebrities and public figures to register in hotels using fake names to avoid 2 a.m. calls from drunk fans or, in the case of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, for Secret Service security reasons.

Thanks to our friends over at TMZ, we now know the false first name Palin used when she checked into Manhattan's Omni Berkshire Hotel for her "Saturday Night Live" appearance last weekend.

That's the one that got such high ratings from millions of viewers and even from Alec Baldwin, one of her co-actors that night.

TMZ also tells us Palin is a big diet soda drinker. And ordered copies of the New York Daily News, Post, Times and USA Today.

But here's the game. Watch this video and see if you can guess what the false name was.


Think you got it?

O.K., now click on the Read more line below and see the correct answer.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Yup, you probably guessed it.

According to TMZ, which has more details, the fake name Sarah Palin used was the name of the actress who's made a whole new late-night career out of mercilessly parodying the Alaska chief executive: Tina, as in Fey.

Someone on the governor's travel staff has a delicious sense of irony.

.Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin waves as she leaves NBC after the Saturday Night Live show 10-18-08 which had the highest ratings in 14 years

Gov. Palin leaves NBC Studios in Manhattan to return to her hotel after taping "Saturday Night Live" last Saturday.

Photo credit: David Karp / Associated Press