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Just in time for November, 2009 Sarah Palin calendars

October 31, 2008 |  1:27 am

Cover of the new 13 month 2009 Sarah Palin calendar with photos by Judy Patrick

Judy Patrick is a professional photographer. From Alaska. Wasilla, to be exact. Where she once served as deputy mayor. To the actual mayor. Sarah Palin.

Over the years Patrick's accumulated quite a collection of photographs of her friend, including a nice assortment from Palin's successful 2006 insurgent campaign for governor.

Patrick has noticed how eager the public is to follow the 44-year-old mother of five with the lifetime NRA membership and the blue-collar union member husband who races snow machines and fishes and the Army son in Iraq and the baby with the unusual name.

As The Ticket noted yesterday with videos, even Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey came away impressed.

So at her own expense Patrick has printed up a sizeable batch of 13-month 2009 Sarah Palin calendars, using her own Palin photo archives, minus some good shots she gave to Palin's '06 gubernatorial campaign.

The calendars are just now becoming available here for $15.95 and will soon be in Barnes & Noble as well. Judy has her own commercial website here.

To see two more monthly photos from the 2009 Sarah Palin calendar, click on the Read more line below.

For political fans, regardless of Tuesday's outcome, the calendar they'll really be eager to see is for 2012.

(UPDATE: At year's end Patrick reports Palin calendar sales are brisk, supplies are dwindling and the calendar is the top-selling item among office supplies on  You can order one here.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: All photos courtesy of Judy Patrick

December page of the new 13 month 2009 Sarah Palin calendar with photos by Judy Patrick

August page from the 2009 Sarah Palin calendar by Judy Patrick Photography

Photo credit: All photos courtesy of Judy Patrick Photography