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Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck double-team Florida audience

October 27, 2008 |  5:22 am

As The Ticket reported last week, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one of the star hosts on ABC's "The View," campaigned in Florida on Sunday for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee.

And the TV host boasted that for a change she finally got to talk for five minutes without being interrupted by her co-hosts who appear to be supporting the other fellow. (Actually, Hasselbeck talked for more like nine minutes, but there was a lot of applause from the enthusiastic Tampa audience.)

We'll just let you see for yourself what Hasselbeck said, so you'll know what she's going to be interrupted trying to describe to her "View" colleagues such as Joy Behar on-air later this morning.

We actually have two videos. This one is Hasselbeck's speech and introduction of Palin. Click on the Read more line to see a second, shorter version of Hasselbeck's remarks, plus a few words from Palin herself, speaking about The Clothing Affair.

--Andrew Malcolm

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