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Stupidly, Claire McCaskill notes that Joe Biden says stupid things

October 2, 2008 |  7:18 am

Sen. Claire McCaskill is a Missouri Democrat who's long been supporting, first, Barack Obama from neighboring Illinois, and now the Obama-Joe Biden ticket.

The voluble Biden has a reputation for saying many things. Often, they're true. But, politically speaking, perhaps better left unsaid during the closely-watched heat of an historic presidential campaign. Like what a great and honorable guy his ticket's Republican opponent, John McCain, is and how probably Hillary Clinton would have been a better Democratic VP pick than himself.

As McCaskill was talking about the gaffe-prone Biden, she had a Biden moment herself. The Kansas City Star reports McCaskill, like most Americans except perhaps the participants, was eagerly anticipating tonight's sole vice presidential debate in her state between Biden and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. (The Ticket will be live-blogging that event right here beginning at 6 p.m. Pacific.)

McCaskill got in the requisite jab at Palin, suggesting the governor might not know much, the Star reports. Then, the senator said, "My friend Joe Biden has a tendency to talk forever and sometimes say stuff that’s kind of stupid."

So, apparently he's not alone in that category.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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