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What do Sunday talk shows all have in common? Aging white males

October 19, 2008 |  6:00 am

One of our favorite websites,, raises a good point:

How come all of the folks you'll see leading the Sunday morning talk shows today are aging white males?

Tom "Fall is a gorgeous time in Montana" Brokaw. Bob "I know how to do debates right" Schieffer. George "Meet you in the Green Room" Stephanopoulos. Chris "Juan always wants the last word" Wallace. Wolf "Either let it grow out or shave the thing off" Blitzer. Al "I actually found one black hair and pulled it out" Hunt. Chris "Did I mention I'm from Pennsylvania" Matthews.

Since NBC is looking for a permanent replacement for "Meet the Press'" temporary replacement Brokaw, why not a woman for a change?

MediaBistro mentions Andrea Mitchell, Gwen Ifill. What about Gloria Borger?

Let's see your nominees below.

--Andrew Malcolm

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