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In case anyone cares, Letterman's on McCain's case again

October 9, 2008 |  6:55 pm

It's really true, life is high school. After those four years everything else is the same thing, only older.

When we last left David Letterman, he was really, like, angry at Republican presidential candidate John McCain because he (Letterman) said that he (McCain) had begged off at the last minute from an appearance on his (Letterman's) show, which everyone especially Letterman knows, is a really, really big deal.

Look what it did for Hillary Clinton's campaign!

Republican senator and presidential candidate John McCain and CBS talk show host David Letterman feigning happier times

Not many people in the world are strong enough to take the heat of an upset Hoosier talk-show host, let alone stand him up so he has to invite a substitute guest, that also-angry tall talker whose days are numbered over at MSNBC.

So anyway, Dave was going on that night about how terrible McCain is when he feigned being alerted that instead of rushing back to Washington to address the financial meltdown, which Dave said John said he was doing, Letterman "discovers" that the Arizona senator is really in another CBS building preparing for an interview with a woman, the CBS news anchor, Katie Couric.

Who wouldn't be furious over that? Choosing primetime news over late-night entertainment? With a female? A truly outrageous thing during a presidential campaign! 

So ever since that day, during 6th class period Letterman hasn't sat with McCain in the cafeteria.

But the whole flap was great pub for the show. So guess what? There's more.

Our colleague Kate Aurthur has learned exclusively over on the Show Tracker blog, that Letterman went on about it again at tonight's taping. But he also let slip that he's talking -- without preconditions -- with the McCain camp about a retry on the senator's appearance.

And, get this, the next one might include the real ratings celebrity of the fall campaign, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

But Dave still takes some more out of the hide of McCain, just for good measure and ratings. Good thing those six years of POW torture in North Vietnam prepared the former attack pilot to endure Letterman's totally tough treatment. Anyone else would be lost, right?

Or they'd go talk to Jay Leno and his larger audience on NBC's "Tonight Show."

Kate has the fuller story over at Show Tracker right here.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: CBS