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For Obama/McCain election, stars' salon offers discount for voters' hair

October 24, 2008 |  7:05 pm

This just in:

The Cristophe Salon, which has, well, salons to service the stars in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Newport Beach and, of course, Washington, where people are willing to pay a whole lot more for a haircut than Joe Supercuts, has just announced an election day special to really help promote democracy.

If you bring in your "I Voted" sticker, they'll give you a 50% discount on any salon services, such as, for example, a postelection celebratory waxing. This applies on Nov. 4, or one may make an appointment for later.

Of course, 50% off still ain't cheap anywhere in Beverly Hills, except at the A&W.

Ex-president Bill Clinton still has a lot of hair

But, hey, you're gonna end up handing over a whole lot more of your dough in taxes next year no matter how many Democrats run Congress or who's in the White House.

So, why not redistribute the wealth now to someone who wants it, like Cristophe, and enjoy what's left of your money?

But, wait, there's more. Does that name Cristophe Salon sound familiar -- "Beautiful Hair for a More Beautiful You"?

It did at The Ticket.

And, sure enough, that's the establishment that gained some notoriety way back on May 18, 1993, when a newly sworn-in Bill Clinton had the Belgian-born Cristophe himself rush back from Northern California to cut his Arkansas hair for the then-outrageous sum of $200 if you're in the salon. (Off-site service is extra.)

The trouble was at the time of the luxury haircut, Clinton was aboard Air Force One at LAX, which closed down two major runways during the 56-minute shearing. (Well, he does have a lot of hair!)

The regal presidential haircut came one week after a $275 hair job on the new first lady, Hillary Clinton. The week after the inauguration Mrs. Clinton had also flown a New York "facialist" down to the White House to provide a deep-pore cleansing in her quarters.

At the time there was much muttering that such incidents would ruin the Clintons' down-home Arkansas image. As history shows, the lavish star treatment clearly demolished the political careers of both of the millionaires.

At the time some White House spokesman named George Stephanopoulos pleaded to reporters, "I mean, the president does have to get his hair cut."

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Associated Press