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Karl Rove offers guidance on what the early-voting surge could mean

October 23, 2008 | 10:16 am

Karl Rove, committed Republican, is true to his school in his latest Wall Street Journal column. In it , he walks through ways in which the presidential campaign could turn John McCain's way in its final days.

But Karl Rove, political craftsman, ends the piece with provocative and dispassionate words about the latest fascinating development in this continually fascinating political season -- the huge response to early-voting opportunities in several states.

Rove notes that in most cases, it's the Democrats who are "flocking" to vote. And he writes:

We don't know yet whether they're cannibalizing their Election Day turnout by getting reliable voters to cast ballots early, or creating an electoral tsunami by targeting people who wouldn't otherwise bother to turn out. If it's the former, Mr. McCain still has a (long) shot. If it's the latter, he and other Republican candidates are about to be dealt a punishing electoral blow.

Words to remember as the numbers are posted on election night.

-- Don Frederick