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Elizabeth Edwards offers her views on healthcare policy

October 7, 2008 | 11:30 am

John Edwards may have disappeared from the political radar, after his summertime admission of an extramarital affair, but his wife -- who was a major asset to her husband's Democratic presidential aspirations and also became a voice to be reckoned with on her own terms -- is re-establishing a public profile.

Recently, Elizabeth Edwards talked with the Detroit Free Press about the storm of personal turmoil she's experienced. Today, she talked policy at conference co-sponsored by the Service Employees International Union in the key state of Virginia.

Appearing at the gathering in Richmond in her role as a senior fellow of the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund, she excoriated John McCain's healthcare proposals.

Although the event was not officially linked to Barack Obama's campaign, it was in line with an increasing effort by the Democrat and his allies to focus attention on a significant policy difference between the two presidential candidates.

And Obama can be expected to seize every opportunity to harp on the issue during his townhall meeting with McCain tonight.

-- Don Frederick

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