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Barack Obama's upcoming TV "special" provides fodder for John McCain

October 22, 2008 |  9:01 am

A week from tonight, Barack Obama tries to seal the deal with voters who still may be up for grabs by appealing to them through a nationally televised, prime-time, 30-minute infomercial.

It will be the latest manifestation of how his campaign's phenomenal fundraising has meant that money is no object for it as election day nears. But it also has presented John McCain with something new to taunt.

Speaking in New Hampshire this morning, McCain told his audience that Obama was "looking pretty confident these days." He added: "He'll be addressing the nation soon. He's got another of those big stadium spectacles in the works."

Then came his payoff line: "But acting like the election is over won't let him take away your chance to have the final say in this election."

Expect to hear variations of this theme over the next few days, as McCain increasingly depicts himself as the feisty underdog taking on a cocky frontrunner.

Also expect that as the Obama campaign grapples with how to program and produce its half-hour extravaganza, a setting with Greek columns won't figure in their plans.

-- Don Frederick