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Winning over Ron Paul on John McCain's to-do list

September 2, 2008 |  3:08 pm

John McCain wooing Ron Paul?

That's what the Washington Times reported today. Here's the lead to the story by veteran political Paul reporter Ralph Z. Hallow:

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The McCain campaign, acting through the Republican National Committee, has been negotiating with Rep. Ron Paul to win his support and acquire the names of his sympathizers among the 4,607 delegates and alternates at the Republican National Convention, according to a senior aide to the Texas congressman.

Paul might go along with providing the McCain forces entree to his allies (at which point we imagine the aides to the almost-official Republican presidential nominee still will face a daunting task). But Paul himself seemed to douse any possibility that he'll be sharing a podium anytime soon with McCain and offering himself as a backer.

Appearing on C-SPAN today, before hosting a large gathering of his devotees near the site of the GOP convention, Paul noted that his entire political career has been devoted to three core principles: limited government, a balanced budget and a "sensible" foreign policy.

Referring to McCain, Paul said (in his typically low-key manner) that "it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense" for him to support someone who, in his view, does not adhere to those positions.

Good point.

-- Don Frederick

Credit: Associated Press