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Sarah Palin, slyly, spotlights a key difference between herself and Joe Biden

September 18, 2008 | 12:51 pm

THIS is what Joe Biden better be prepared for when he and Sarah Palin meet for their debate Oct. 2 -- getting filleted, no doubt with a smile, by the self-described hockey mom who revels in being a Washington outsider.

Fox News has released more excerpts from the second segment of her sit-down with Sean Hannity, which airs tonight (for an earlier excerpt, see here). Asked about her upcoming encounter with the 65-year-old, six-term senator from Delaware, she responds:

Sen. Biden has a tremendous amount of experience. I think he was first elected when I was like in second grade.


Palin, in fact, was 8 years old when Biden (then just a few days shy of 30) first won his seat in November 1972.

And for the record, Barack Obama was 21 when John McCain began his political career by winning a House seat in Arizona in November, 1982.

Palin went on to say of Biden:

He's been in there a long, long, long time. So he's got the experience. He probably has the sound bites. He has the rhetoric. He knows what's expected of him. He is a great debater, also. So yes, it's going to be quite a task in front of me.

The Ticket takes note of her repetition of the word "long."

-- Don Frederick