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Sarah Palin, who sold Alaska's state plane, gets her own campaign one now

September 9, 2008 |  6:06 am

For everybody at the Republican National Convention (see video below) who suspected that the absence of Sarah Palin's name on the John McCain campaign jet was perhThe campaign jet for Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin chartered from JetBlueaps a sign he wasn't fully behind her, this morning comes proof to the contrary.

Nikki Waller over at the Wall Street Journal Travel blog notes the unveiling of the vice presidential candidate's own chartered campaign jet, an Embraer 190, with Palin's very own name right there in big blue letters.

The plane, chartered from JetBlue, seats about 100 and will be the traveling home for the 44-year-old Alaska Republican governor, her staff and security and accompanying paying media through the Nov. election. She'll likely start campaigning solo later this week.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: James S. Wood / Associated Press