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Round two for Sarah Palin and Katie Couric (only this time John McCain comes along)

September 29, 2008 |  9:28 pm

Sarah Palin and John McCain sat down with CBS' Katie Couric for their first joint interview on Monday, less than one week after Palin's solo interview with Couric, which was widely panned.

In tonight's segment, which aired on the CBS Evening News, Couric asked the Alaskan governor what she thought of criticism that she was "not ready for prime time."

Palin answered gracefully, if predictably ("Well, not only am I ready but willing and able to serve as vice president with Sen. McCain if Americans so bless us and privilege us with the opportunity of serving").

Then her running mate came to her defense, as he did this weekend, this time with a surprising comparison. "President Clinton was a governor of a very small state that had "no experience" either," the Arizona Republican told Couric.

You can watch that and other exchanges for yourself here. And be sure to watch for the interesting back-and-forth over gotcha journalism.

--Kate Linthicum

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