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Out with Olbermann and Matthews; in with Gregory at MSNBC

September 8, 2008 |  4:34 pm

Well, this'll make a bunch of people real happy.

And a bunch of others may start screaming censorship.

But MSNBC, the cable channel boasting the most letters of any of them, is yanking two of its opinionated stars from their ongoing election anchor duties.

David Gregory will replace both Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as political anchors for the duration of the current election season on the cable channel MSNBC

Both Keith "The Mouth" Olbermann and Chris "I Can Interrupt Anyone I Want Cause It's My Show" Matthews are being removed from their political anchor chairs.

They'll be replaced by David "Does This Gray Hair Make Me Look Wiser?" Gregory, who's fast become the channel's utility player of choice. But isn't exactly Mr. Rogers either.

It seems that the NBC News division just got fed up with all the opinion and the volume and the complaints about the overwhelming opinion of the pair of ousted talkers, who were among the first to force viewers to turn down the volume after the commercials.

Our blogging buddy Matea "Of Course I Have The Story" Gold has the rest of the network's shakeup news over there on the must-read Show Tracker blog.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: NBC News