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Healthcare lobby shifts more funds to Obama's Democrats, less to McCain's GOP

September 24, 2008 |  9:24 pm

Once again our blogging buddy Brink has come up with another revealing read over at Booster Shots.

Susan's uncovered a brand-new article in the New England Journal of Medicine, just out, probably not even in your mailbox yet, that chronicles the flow of money this election cycle into the campaign coffers of our politicians from the healthcare sector of our economy, which seems to have an awful lot of money to throw around if the economy is supposed to be so troubled.

As of July, health lobby money had totaled $29 million into the presidential campaigns.

But this time, reversing a longstanding trend, the Democratic party was raking in more than the Republicans, $17.7 million to $11.2 million, which is bound to make one side feel ill.

Susan Brink has the whole story right here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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