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John McCain and Barack Obama each stumbled in commenting on Iran

September 29, 2008 |  6:40 am

As debate gaffes go, the minor stumble by both John McCain and Barack Obama during a brief discussion of Iran hardly qualifies with President Ford's famed proclamation in 1976 that Eastern Europe was not then under the domination of the Soviet Union (see the video below).

Indeed, the slip-up in Friday night's McCain/Obama face-off in Mississippi went virtually unnoticed. We missed it, but a colleague pointed it out, so we pass it along.

The moment occurred as McCain pressed his case that Obama hasn't got the chops to handle foreign policy as president. McCain said:

There is the Republican Guard in Iran, which Sen. (Jon) Kyl (a Republican from Arizona) had an amendment in order to declare them a sponsor of terror. Sen. Obama said that would be provocative. ...

Countered Obama:

Well, let me just correct something very quickly. I believe the Republican Guard of Iran is a terrorist organization.

The group they were referring to is commonly known as the Revolutionary Guard (full name: Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution).

We'll call this one a draw.

-- Don Frederick