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Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's special limited-time offer: DVDs of her DNC speech

September 19, 2008 | 12:28 pm

John McCain stopped by the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami the other day and picked up $5 million. Barack Obama dropped in on his Beverly Hills friends and left with an estimated $9 million.

But Hillary Clinton? With President Bill Clinton's help, she is hawking DVDs of her speech at the Democratic convention last month.

In the letter, sent via blast e-mail earlier this week, the former President says he and Sen. Clinton are doing absolutely everything they can to help elect Barack Obama.

But there is this little matter of her campaign debt, which topped $10 million last month.

“Her historic speech inspired me and millions of others, and it was a great reminder of how important it is that we also continue to support Hillary's efforts to speak out on behalf of ordinary Americans,” the letter says.Sen_clinton_and_president_clinton_b

For a $50 donation, you would receive a DVD with her “historic speech in Denver and the inspiring video that introduced her,” the former president writes of Hillary's speech at the Democratic National Convention.

But that's not all.

The package will include a message that “Hillary recorded just for you, where she shares some special moments from her week in Denver.”

But, wait, there's more: “We'll put my speech on there for you too,” the former President says.

But, wait, there's even more.

“For a limited-time only if you contribute $250 or more you will receive the special 'Signature' edition personally signed by Hillary,” the former president writes.

Now, if only she could sell 40,000 of those autographed DVDs, her debt could disappear.

-- Dan Morain

Photo: Justin Lane / EPA