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Barack Obama and tire gauges: a continuing source of GOP ridicule

September 3, 2008 |  6:35 pm

What John McCain's multiple residences were to Democrats gathered in Denver last week -- a source of seemingly endless derision -- Barack Obama's embrace of tire gauges as a good way for Americans to conserve energy is proving to be at the Republican get-together in St.  Paul.

Sen. Norm Coleman of convention-hosting Minnesota appeared before his fellow Republicans earlier this evening and scoffed at Obama's overall prescription for dealing with the nation's fuel problems. The Democrat's proposals amount to "way too little," he said, like "trying to fix a flat tire with a tire gauge."

And just moments ago, Mike Huckabee offered this in promoting his party's standard-bearer: "John McCain doesn't want the kind of change that allows the government to reach even deeper into your paycheck and ... pick your doctor, your child's school, or even the kind of car you drive or tells you how much you inflate the tires."

-- Don Frederick