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Real good talker Barack Obama loses mind on stage

August 11, 2008 | 12:22 am

We've had some fun here at The Ticket in recent months over Barack Obama's 57-state remark and his promise to meet with the president of Canada and his shouted greeting to one city when he was actually in another. (Yes, and John McCain's and Sam Nunn's shared fondness for good old Czechoslovakia.)

The poor famous guy in this video from an Indiana TV station may be a regular rock star in Germany and have just turned 47 last week. Which, admittedly, is getting up there in years.

And he did not have his usual teleprompter. But it sure does sound like he's not very happy with this America that he wants to be the president of, if he really doesn't want his daughters to grow up in it.

Now, we understand why the freshman senator ended up dodging that summertime series of joint townhall meetings with the veteran McCain.

But whatever Obama meant to say, the guy really, really needs a vacation. May he and his family thoroughly enjoy and soak up the warmth from the sands of Hawaii together this whole week and not even use the word townhall in a vicious game of S-c-r-a-b-b-l-e.

--Andrew Malcolm