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New Obama ad tunefully targets John McCain on the economy

August 25, 2008 |  9:08 am

DENVER -- If the latest Barack Obama ad is any indication, he and his aides are getting the message other Democrats have been shouting: Focus on the economy.

The spot uses the Sam Cooke tune "Wonderful World" (and variations on its opening line "Don't know much about history...") to scorn John McCain for, in the Democratic view, not knowing much about the economy. It also features a memorable moment from the 2004 campaign when McCain awkwardly hugs President Bush.

Democratic leaders -- especially those with their roots in the Bill and Hillary Clinton camp -- will be looking for the Obama team to offer compelling variations on this theme throughout the party's convention week.

Most of all, they will be hoping Obama himself hammers the issue in his acceptance speech Thursday night.

-- Don Frederick

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