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Gloria Allred, outspoken Clinton backer, muzzles herself to make a point

August 26, 2008 | 11:20 am

DENVER -- Leave it to the media-savvy (some would say media-obsessed) Gloria Allred to find a way to dramatically publicize her discontent as a disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporter at Barack Obama's convention.Los Angeles lawyer and Hillary Clinton supporter Gloria Allred finds a way to make her point at the Democratic National Convention

Allred, a Los Angeles attorney and a member of the California delegation at the confab, told The Times' John Mitchell she was fed up with delegation leaders rebuffing her efforts to give Clinton her due.

She said she had wanted to honor Clinton's "historic candidacy" in an address to fellow delegates at their Tuesday morning breakfast, but was turned down. She wanted to meet with other Clinton delegates privately, but was refused.

So (in what is usually her move of first-resort) she decided to take her case to the media.

She tied a cloth napkin around her mouth and distributed a flier asking the question: "Why is Gloria being gagged?"

Later, she said she wants to "fight for Obama, but first I want to honor the votes that were cast for Clinton."

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: John Mitchell/Los Angeles Times

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