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Arnold Schwarzenegger nixes GOP convention visit, due to pressing business

August 30, 2008 |  4:33 pm

Campaigning -- as all-consuming as it can be -- is easy. Governing is hard.

Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger.California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been forced to cancel his planned trip to the Republcan National Convention in Minnesota

The California governor -- unlike many fellow Republicans of a moderate ilk -- not only planned to attend the GOP national convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul, he was slated for a high-profile speaking spot Monday night.

Not now.

As he had said he would do, if necessary, Schwarzenegger has canceled his trip because of the continuing stalemate over passing a state budget on Sacramento (the spending plan is two months overdue).

Appropriately, given the acting background they share, Fred Thompson will take Schwarzenegger's role. Indeed, a Schwarzenegger aide told The Times' Michael Rothfeld that Thompson will give the same speech (but with a markedly different accent) that the governor was going to give. It traces John McCain's life story, including his time as a prisoner of war.

Given their contrasting styles, we suspect Thompson will go ahead and make some alterations. [UPDATE: The Schwarzenegger people now tell Rothfield that the speech will have the same "storyline," but will be reworked with Thompson's cadence in mind.]

Meanwhile, McCain and his staff can only hope that for former Tennessee senator can muster a bit more zest for this assignment than he often displayed in his failed bid for his party's presidential nomination.

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images