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President, enroute San Diego, visits L.A., urges McAdoo's reelection

July 16, 2008 | 11:12 pm

You don't have to be a history buff -- although it probably would help -- to get a charge out of the photos our brother blogger LPresident Franklin Delano Roosevelt prepares to give a speech in Los Angeles 70 years ago today before a parade down Broadway and drive to San Diegoarry Harnisch has assembled over on The Daily Mirror.

They're from The Times' coverage 70 years ago today of the visit to Los Angeles of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Note the president's own rail car, Railroad One, the 1930s equivalent of Air Force One.

The crowd members in their straw hats. The president driving past Broadway and 7th. Protesters demanding the end to an embargo on trade with Spain.

And the president waving his hat -- wait a minute, a president wearing a hat? -- as he prepared to deliver a speech from the back of his Baltimore & Ohio train.

There, standing forlornly next to him is L.A. Mayor Frank Shaw, who was supposed to introduce FDR. But the president ignored him and just started the speech without introduction, according to The Times account the next day.

That's something The Ticket would have definitely blogged about back then, had there been such a thing as an Internet, a blog and ourself.

Worth a look over here.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: The Los Angeles Times