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Google tool lets you track John McCain and Barack Obama

July 1, 2008 |  1:18 pm

So, you want to know where John McCain and Barack Obama have been on the campaign trail? Where they've been in their lives? Google has a new toy tool that lets political junkieGoogle_map_of_where_john_mccain_wass get cartographic.

Our colleagues over on the Technology blog have the details and a deeper explanation of Google's intent to have people adapt the tool for their own uses.

But there already are a lot of different ways to play with it. This, for instance, shows you the McCain and Obama campaign trails. This is a "bio map" of McCain, and this is of Obama. The Twitterati have got one going. So far, nada for tracking delivery of late-night pizza to various campaign headquarters, or kitchens where couples are arguing Obama versus McCain. But you just know that's coming sometime.

A personal favorite: Huffington Post's fundraising map. See if you can spot yourselves in there.

-- Scott Martelle