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Gay marriage poll fodder for the McCain-Obama debates

July 18, 2008 |  2:34 am

This is not a trick question.

If you had three choices regarding the laws governing same-sex marriage, what would you choose?

1. Same-sex couples should be allowed legally to marry.

2. Same-sex couples should be allowed legally to form civil unions but not marry.

3. Same-sex couples should not be allowed to obtain legal recognition of their relationships.

Well, the pollsters at Quinnipiac University posed that question, which is certain to become more prominent as the presidential general election campaign unfolds, to 1,783 Americans across the country.

And they found that:

1. 32% support same-sex marriage.

2. 33% support civil unions.

3. And 29% said no legal recognition should exist for same-sex couples.

Can't get much closer than that. But wait, there's more to this poll, and our colleague Katie Fretland over at the Swamp has the details here.

--Andrew Malcolm