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If Clinton donors don't donate to Obama, who's to stop 'em?

July 24, 2008 |  4:04 am

Remember all that unity-Unity stuff last month about the once-warring Democratic camps of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and how they were gonna come together for the good of the party. And Clinton got a lot of her top 100 fundraisers together in Washington's Mayflower Hotel to introduce them to the party's nominee-to-be, which wasn't her?

The Ticket had to double-check the numbers, but our campaign finance expert Dan Morain confirms them:

Last month out of that whopping $52 million that Obama reported raking in, here's how much Clinton's 311 Hillraisers donated to Obama's campaign: $19,250.


For the first month of newfound unity, Seth Colter Wells over at HuffingtonPost reports finding only about eight of the well-heeled, well-organized Hillraisers donating money to the Illinois senator, though others may have tried to round up other donors. A separate, broader Washington Post survey of overall Obama donors found only around 2,200 Clinton donors contributed to Obama in June for a total of $1.8 million.

Maybe more will come over to the victor's side as summer passes and hurt feelings heal. But counted in dollars for the first post-primary month, that's an underwhelming amount of unity. No wonder Carly Fiorina of the McCain camp is reported making some phone calls.

-- Andrew Malcolm