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McClellan's book on Bush White House headed for the screen?

June 4, 2008 |  7:48 am

Given that we live out here within smelling distance of the smoke from Universal Studios, we open this with the caveat that agents are always talking with someone about movie rights. That's what they do.  Usually over lunch. A long lunch.

Still, given the reception for HBO's recent "Recount," about the Florida leg of the 2000 election, and the other projects already in the works on the Bush years (and there's still seven months to go), why not a film version of Scott McClellan's  "What Happened" memoir of the George Bush White House?

Politico suggests Jonah Hill to play McClellan, which gets our speculation  gene fired up. Who to play Bush? Who to play Dick Cheney?

That's why we have a comments section -- to let you answer such burning questions (hey, this is politics; it can't all be strategy and policy-wonk talk). Who would you cast?

-- Scott Martelle