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Ralph Nader adds fuel to his spat with Barack Obama

June 25, 2008 |  8:25 pm

Ralph Nader isn't backing down.

Gee, what a surprise.

Controversial comments he made about Barack Obama in a newspaper interview garnered more coverage for him today than his little-noticed presidential campaign has received all year, including extended discussions on various cable news shows.

It also prompted Obama, when asked about the matter at a news conference, to dispute Nader's contention that he has been ignoring a range of issues.

Tonight, Nader responded with a statement that begins:

"Sen. Obama said earlier today that I haven't been paying attention to his campaign.

"Actually, I have.

"And it's clear from Sen. Obama's campaign that he is not willing to tackle the white power structure -- whether in the form of the corporate power structure or many of the super-rich -- who are taking advantage of 100 million low-income Americans who are suffering in poverty or near poverty."

The rest of the statement can be read here.

--Don Frederick