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Obama got good reviews on his law review editor days

June 23, 2008 | 11:43 pm

"Just remember, folks: Nobody reads it."

That's the advice Barack Obama reportedly gave to the staff of the Harvard Law Review when minor disputes broke out. The Politico's reporters Ben Smith and Jeffrey Ressner have taken a closer look at Obama's year as the first black president of the prestigious law journal.

They combed through the 2,083 pages Obama edited and conclude that he was on message even way back in law school.

Obama reportedly kept the review balanced, accepting papers decrying affirmative action alongside calls to expand the rights of women, African Americans and the elderly to sue for discrimination. Writers he worked with said he was a great editor, helping them express their thoughts more clearly instead of trying to inject his own opinions.

Amanda Erickson has a fuller version over at the Swamp.

--Andrew Malcolm