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Today! McCain, Obama, Clinton final political news-election results via Ticket Twitter

June 3, 2008 | 12:12 pm

You know, today is the last day of primaries. (Yes, we know AP says Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination by delegates, but there are still real votes to be voted.)

Just like spring, election day comes kinda late to Montana and South Dakota. And they really are the final ones. No, really.

And then almost immediately -- well, five months from tomorrow -- comes the general election on Nov. 4. So you better hurry and sign up for instant results via Ticket Twitter for tonight and beyond.

Had you already signed up for Twitter, you would have known about Obama clinching through a special news tweet. 

And, of course, by signing up you also get automatic notification of Hillary Clinton's walloping of Barack Obama in Kentucky a whole lot quicker had you been a Ticket Twitter subscriber. 

Also, don't miss one moment of Rep. Ron Paul's surge now that he's within almost 1,300 delegates of catching Sen. John McCain for the Republican nomination in St. Paul. (Honest, that's where the GOP meets come September.)

For existing Twitterers, go to

Click Follow. Enroll there for alerts on every new Ticket item AND our instant, breaking-news election results whenever and wherever anyone is voting on the U.S. presidency. And it's all free, of course.

For about-to-be Twitter folks, think of it as text message headlines to any mobile device. Go here to enroll (also free). Click on Join, not surprisingly.

And join.

Once again, on this final primary election day and all the ordinary campaign days in between until the Bitter End when everyone has made their Thanksgiving airline reservations and winced at the new prices, we're going to have all the political news and election result updates for our Twitter subscribers. (Actually, to be honest, we'll be here well beyond Nov. 4 chronicling formation of a new presidential administration and the political fallout in the losing party.)

With notice of each regular Ticket posting.

-- Andrew Malcolm