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What squirrel tastes like and other funny political lines from '08 so far

June 23, 2008 |  4:22 pm

Here at The Ticket, as no doubt all across America, we are huge fans of the irrepressible Howard Mortman. And today is no exception.

Today, the impatient Mortman announces his Top 10 Political Quotes So Far in 2008. There are so many candidates to choose Howard Mortman and a beauteous beauty queen who hasn't a clue who he is, which is why she agreed to pose for this photographfrom. Yes, yes, of course, Larry King is in here, as always. But diligent Howard has whittled them down.

By the way, here's a nice photo of Howard. He's the one on the right, the one with the right hand that's afraid to actually touch his newest BFF, a lovely Miss Universe.

And there's still five more months of campaign blabbering to go for even more funny quotes. (and photos, we hope).

We won't spoil the fun of reading Howard's entire list. So just a couple examples to whet your appetite:

         8. Hillary Clinton:

"The last time I looked, Virginia had more sunny days than Germany."

6. Mike Huckabee, on what squirrel tastes like:

"It tastes like squirrel."

5.  Larry King’s questions to his panel discussing New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's involvement with a prostitution ring:

"Under what circumstances, Jason, did you first connect with her?"

"How successful was she when she went to work for you? How successful was she at what she did?"

"Because someone is physically beautiful, does that mean they would be a good prostitute?"

"Not wanting to wear a condom. What would it be to you, Babydoll?"

"How does the escort feel, Kathleen?"

"And, apparently, it’s going to get, if the term is right, more huge."

"Kathleen, is this going to be bigger and bigger, do you think?"

"Natalie, do any hookers ever marry their Johns?"

For the rest of the list, go here. And bookmark it for repeated laughs.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: A friend of Howard's who wishes to remain anonymous in case Miss Universe has a large boyfriend.